Build Your Epic E-Course in 7 Days!

This powerful boot camp will have you creating a love-based email course in a week so you can start attracting prospects like bees to honey. Are you in?  

Sell with Love  

Stop hard-selling yourself and start selling from the heart. Discover how to sell your products and services without pretending to be somebody you’re not.  

Get Paid What You’re Worth

Stop giving your services away for free and start getting paid what they’re worth. Learn how to help your prospects see the value of your services by educating and inspiring them.

Take Inspired Action

Stop downloading more freebies from random websites and start taking action today. Overcome fear and get inspired. By the time the boot camp is over, you’ll have an amazing e-course so you can start connecting with prospects.

Find Prospects Who Love You

Stop chasing after people and start attracting prospects who want to hear from you. Put your lead generation on autopilot so you can free up loads of time to do more of the things you want to do.

Run a Business You Love and Loves You Back

Stop stressing about not getting clients and start running a business you love. Let those who would love to work with you come to you and watch your business grow like it had a life of its own. (And truth be told, it does.)

Here's What I'll Help You Do During the Boot Camp 

Lesson 1: Figure out why you want to build an a-course (and if you really, actually want to build one).

Lesson 2: Identify that one single person who will make writing this e-course a whole lot easier for you. 

Lesson 3: Brainstorm your readers’ problems and pain points so you can address them properly in your emails.

Lesson 4: Generate a ton of ideas for the content that goes into your emails.

Lesson 5: Develop a super-detailed blueprint to help you write your e-course faster and with less stress.

Lesson 6: Write attention-grabbing headlines that your readers will open immediately each time they receive your emails.

Lesson 7: Write an e-course from the heart. (Trust me. It's way easier this way!)

Bonus Lesson: Grow your mailing list even more with the help of your blog (If you already have one!).

Bonus Lesson: Build and nurture relationships with your readers after they’ve gone through your e-course so they have better chances of turning into clients.

Tons of exercises, worksheets, templates and extra tools to help make building your e-course even easier for you.

Start Building Your Powerful Lead Magnet Today  

Sign up to the 7-Day Epic E-Course Creation Boot Camp and start creating your epic e-course right away. 

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