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Freelance Personal Development Writer

Freelance Personal Development Writer

I write about life, love, and the challenges that people encounter and keep them from living a happy life. My goal as a writer is not just to help you make more money, although experience tells me abundance and prosperity inevitably flow in when you run a business from the heart. My goal is to help you build and nurture relationships with your clients by providing content that allows you to inspire, uplift, and empower others.

Creating compelling content in the personal development and self-growth niche is challenging. Most people go into it with no sense of direction, and so they end up with a mixed bag of personal stories, motivational quotes, and perhaps a few generic how-to articles here and there. This is where I come in. By crafting clear, focused, and high-quality content that aims to solve a specific problem, I can help your business stand out amidst a sea of competing voices so you can continue to ignite the spark that allows people to reach their full potential.

Meet Nicole

I am a writer by day and an explorer at night. At two years old, I was using crayons to scribble the alphabet on walls. At five years old, I was writing my very first short stories. And now, after almost 10 years of helping businesses get discovered on Google by creating content for digital marketers, I have decided to take my career to the next level by focusing my efforts on heart-based businesses and creative writing endeavors.

When not writing, I like to dabble in new activities and discover new places, friends, and passions. I am in love with exercising, whether it is yoga, weightlifting, or kickboxing I’m doing. I also like to play with acrylic paints, whip up decadent desserts and wolf them down, and read fiction novels. Of course, when I am not doing any of those during my free time, I go back to my first love and write short stories and novellas.

Meet Nicole

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Build visibility in the search engines and nurture relationships with your clients by regularly posting fresh, interesting content to your blog.

Guest Posts

Reach out to other bloggers in your niche and build professional connections, at the same time attracting high-quality traffic to your own website.


Establish yourself as an authority in your field and free up huge chunks of writing time to focus on other aspects of your business.

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Set yourself up as a thought leader and a reliable source of valuable information by educating and entertaining your readers with in-depth content.


Get a foot in the proverbial door by communicating with your clients in the oldest, most reliable, and most personable method – email.

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Send the word out to gain potentially massive exposure while building stable relationships with journalists and the mainstream media.

Content Strategy

Develop a solid long-term content plan that includes a content audit, content gap analysis, and a long-term editorial calendar.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that an extra pair of objective eyes has evaluated your content to ensure it meets your business goals.


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