Hi! I’m Nicole. I write for a living and I write to save my soul.

If you’re here, you’ve most likely found me somewhere on the Internet and somewhere inside your head, you heard a little voice saying, “I need more of that.”

Well, here’s more of my work.

I pour my heart and soul into these. Sometimes, when my anxiety kicks in and I start running around like a headless chicken, I let my ego do the writing. (You can skip those parts.)

Most of the time, though, I write like my soul depends on it. Because it does.  

Changemaker Blog

This is for the wild ones. It’s for the big dreamers. It’s for those who can’t be tamed, put in a box, and labeled with a neatly calligraphed hand.

This is for the people who want to change the world, or even just their own small corner of it.

This is for you, if you’ve felt that ever-so-quiet but oh-so-persistent call from within yourself to follow a dream so big it scares the hell out of you.

This is for the changemaker who knows it’s about time she go out into the world and shine her light down on it.  

Soul Content


That’s what you’re getting every time you hit publish on an article, a Facebook post, or an email to your subscribers.

Look, I know what they told you because I’ve been where you are before. The Internet marketing bros said to A/B test the hell out of everything until you’re blue in the face and your crystal-carrying, wand-waving soul sisters said to just cut your heart open and let the words bleed.

Nothing wrong with both methods, to be honest, but if nothing’s working for you because you don’t actually want to write, maybe it’s because you need a super-talented, ultra-dedicated, and undeniably passionate writer you know you can work with.

Ahem, that’s me.


When Filipinos think about mythology, they think about Zeus and his cohort of self-serving gods, goddesses, and demigods wreaking havoc in whatever Greek city they choose to be in.

Little do we know, the Philippines has such a rich heritage of precolonial myths, legends, and folk tales that must be passed on to younger audiences.

As Filipinos, we need to go back to our roots and get to know our ancestors through their belief systems and the stories they used to pass them on. It is our duty to keep the stories of our people alive.