How many times in your life have you forced yourself to play small, even though that tremendous power inside of you had been aching to come out?

How many times have you allowed yourself to believe in what others tell you about yourself, even though there’s that tiny but audaciously persistent voice inside your head that keeps telling you that what others say has really nothing to do with how you live your life?

And how many times have you allowed yourself to give in to the fearful, little self that continues to pull you back in day in and day out as you crave to finally get out of your shell and show yourself in all your shining glory to the outside world?

Girl, you’ve played small one too many times. You’ve believed in the lies your own little fears have fed you just to keep yourself from jumping off that cliff and soaring into the great unknown. Jumping doesn’t mean you have to fall. When you jump with pure faith in what’s in store for you, the Universe listens and gives you a pair of wings so you can soar.

It’s time to put the past behind you. It’s time to pick up the lessons and pack ‘em in your bag so you have something to look back on, nod, smile, and say, “Ah, those were the days when I was just learning to take a leap. Look at me now. I’m flying over rooftops and mountains and roaring oceans!”

And it’s time for you to come face to face with that which you have always feared the most – yourself. There’s an infinitely deep and utterly glorious source of power that lies within you, waiting, waiting, waiting for the moment when you start to realize that all you really need to do to use it is to recognize it.

There’s nothing else to do but to allow it to come out. No need to coax it out. No need to train to be a master at letting your power out. We’ve all done this before. We all wield the same power in our hands. We’re all just as powerful as everyone else. You, me, rich, poor, young, old, brown, black, white. It doesn’t matter. We all hold the power within.

And if, for some reason, your human mind cannot grasp the intensity of it all – because that’s how the human mind is – then you need to make a commitment to yourself to every day remind yourself of who you are. Write it down. Speak it. Constantly think it. Create the feeling of it and wrap yourself warmly, tightly around that feeling. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you keep reminding yourself just how much power you really wield. Do it until it becomes a natural part of you. Do it even though you’re tired – the Universe will help you find a way to do it. Do it until you no longer have to.

Because there is no going back now. Once you start to get a glimpse of who you really are – an amazingly beautiful, excruciatingly talented, and infinitely creative being – there’s no way you can un-glimpse it. There is no other way but to move forward. There is nothing else to do but to press on. To continue moving along the path of life, allowing that magnificent part of your being to come out.

Yes, it’s not exactly the easiest journey to take. Others say all you really need to do is to relax. But we humans have been programmed so deeply to believe that relaxing even just a smidge of the time is a mortal sin that even trying to relax for a few minutes can create so much stress.

It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to take humongous amounts of effort to relax. It’s also going to take a whole lot of discomfort to wait patiently for that powerful true and beautiful self of yours to come out. But you have begun, and the journey will only ever take your forward. Onward and forward you go. There is no other way.

So remind yourself every day why you’re taking step by little step and leap by leap forward. Remind yourself why you’re here. Remind yourself who you are. Let yourself remember what you have always known deep, deep, deep in that feisty, rebellious heart of yours. That you yourself are a child of God. You are the Universe itself. And in human form, you are here simply because you want to learn more of yourself. You are God experiencing humanity. You are the Universe expanding itself. Every day, let that sink in until you no longer have to remind yourself who you are.