There’s a cliché that’s thrown around everywhere these days. It goes, “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

I’m 100% positive that you’ve heard this saying somewhere. People throw it around like they mean it with all their heart. You read it on self-improvement blogs. You hear it in speeches at Rotary Club meetings. You find it packaged up into pretty memes that are posted and shared on Facebook like the people who share it know what they’re talking about.

And yet, you don’t really see a lot of people living it. They hear it, they nod their head in agreement, and they go on with their lives as though nothing has changed. And they keep living life on autopilot because to step out of that programming and actually take the steering wheel of their soul would be too different, too uncomfortable for them.

Look here, you’re not only doing Mr. William Ernest Henley a disservice by throwing his words around like you mean it when you don’t even actually know what it means. And you do you yourself a disservice by not actually exploring what mastering your own fate means for you.

Too many self-improvement gurus point it out and then tell you to work hard because that’s what’s mastering your fate is all about. There’s no denying there’s going to be discomfort involved. We’ve been far too comfortable in our autopilot programming long enough. But they don’t tell you—because they don’t know—that working hard isn’t about toiling endless hours at a job you like or sucking up your own circumstances because that’s what you were born into and dealing with it because that’s what’s life is all about.

Hell no, life is not about dealing with it because life has so much more to offer than that.

And if you’re truly going to master your own fate, you have to change the way you look at life, starting now. Is it gonna be hard? Is it gonna be uncomfortable? Of course, it’s going to be hard. You’ve been so deeply engrossed in your own beliefs, thinking they were the fundamental truths of everybody’s lives. It’s gonna hurt, that’s for sure, because you’re ripping yourself out of your own ingrained thinking patterns and jumping into a whole new belief system.

You can go, “Oh, you need to respect my own beliefs because these are my beliefs.” Yes, I do respect that. If you insist on carrying on living your life on the same programming that teaches you to play small, carry on then. But if you’re just sick and tired of it all and wondering why others seem to know what’s going on and you want in on that—because why shouldn’t you?—here’s what you need to know.

1. Your true nature isn’t human.

Yes, these are the kinds of crazy things I write about. If you can’t stand it, trust me, you’ll have to come face to face with it again later. If you’re curious, congratulations. You’re starting to wake the hell up out of your misery. Most people like to think of themselves as random creatures who somehow found their way here because the right mixture of lightning and chemicals got together a few billion years ago. They like to think they’re grisly beasts by nature, and by doing so, they absolve themselves of all responsibility to be the best they are. Some are a bit more philosophical. They look up at the stars in the night sky and think about how small and insignificant they are.

Kudos to you if you like looking at the stars in the night sky. But—here’s your big but—you are not small and insignificant. You’re not a random animal put here by chance. And as I keep saying over and over again, you’re not a walking bag of flesh, bones, and chemicals that somehow found itself with an ego. You’re more than that. You’re a spiritual being living a human experience. You’re spirit first before everything else. Some call it your soul. Some call it your consciousness. Others call it the zero point field.

Whatever you call it, it means the same thing. And even though you find yourself deeply mired in the pain of your human experience, your spirit is always there. It knows everything, it sees everything, and it is everything and nothing at the same time. Your spirit is there and is easily accessible once you let go of the notion that your human self has to figure things out by itself.

2. The physical world is a shadow of spirit.  

Most people think physical forces move things. It’s exactly the other way around. It’s not the physical that’s responsible for making the world go ‘round. It’s consciousness. It is what makes things happen. It is consciousness that animates the world and provides the life force that moves through the planet.

Whatever is going on in the physical world right now, it’s all because it took place in consciousness first. Somehow, somewhere, someone in the void saw in their imagination an image of planet Earth teeming with human beings with all sorts of clashing beliefs, cultures, practices, and social norms in place.

That’s how we, as a collective, working with the Supreme Creator, created Earth, nurturing it with consciousness through the millions of years of evolution to the present. And you thought you were just human with not much you can do, huh?

3. You’re always creating, creating, creating.

The ability to create is in all of us. In fact, we create every single experience we have in our lives. Yes, I mean every single bit of it. And if you can’t remember creating the experience of being born into an abusive family, you can bet your ass on it that your spiritual self—the self that you keep ignoring because you’ve been led to believe it doesn’t exist—created it for you so you can experience what it’s like to be born into an abusive family and rise above it.

This ability is inherent in all of us and it’s fueled by the very same power that created the mountains and the rivers and the planets and their moons. Once you realize that and once you start tapping into this power, you’ll start understanding what it really means to be the master of your own destiny. You’ll start living it at a deeper level, far more than you would if you just thought of mastering your own destiny as working hard and being disciplined.

I can’t emphasize this enough. There is massive creative power in every single one of us, enough so we can actually start creating a more beautiful, peaceful, and gentle world without having to demand politicians to do something for us. Here’s a hint: The more you demand something of someone, no matter how much they owe you, the less inclined they’re likely to give it to you. And here’s another hint: You don’t really need to have politicians do things for you. You can make things happen on your own. Because you have the power to do so.

4. You’re gonna be called a madwoman, but damn them all.

Every time someone shows up with a radically different idea, someone else will look at them and think, “She’s gone off the deep end.” That’s normal. That’s life. And that’s part of the experience we have created to make remembering who we are an even better experience than we can imagine. Don’t hate on people who think you’ve gone crazy. That won’t do them good, and it won’t do you any good either.

Thank them instead because they’re helping you create the best reawakening experience you’ll ever have. And then shut out the whispering, ignore the pointing behind your back, and pay no mind to your ego wondering if all they said about you being crazy and all are true. Of course, you’re not crazy. Of course, you’re not mad. You’re only just stepping into the magic of who you are. How can that even be any more important than what other people think and say about you? And how can that be any more important than what your ego-driven human mind is willing to pay attention to?

Your true nature isn’t human, after all, and it’s time for you to give up the pretense and step into who you really are. That’s what you came to this planet for. You didn’t come here to save her because, deep down, you know Planet Earth has all the resources she needs to save herself, if she even needs saving at all. You didn’t come to solve the world’s problems either because every single person has the capacity to create the solution for themselves.

The only reason you came here is so you can rise above the dense, heavy muck of being human and see yourself for the divine being that you truly are. That’s all there is to it. That’s how you become master of your own fate. You recognize your divinity.