Now more than ever, you need to insist on holding on to your light.

Now more than ever, you need to keep following your heart.

Now more than ever, you need to shut out everything else except for that tiny voice inside your head that says, “You’ve got this. You’re stronger than this. You’re bigger than this and everything else.”

The whole forking world is sinking into fear. Entire countries locking themselves in. Businesses shutting down. People too scared to even go out an inch from the front door. Fights erupting on social media over whose fault this is. And, in my country, military men beating the shit out of people who are back on the streets clamoring for food to feed their children.

I’m not gonna be the pretentious cool kid who claims this virus we don’t know much about isn’t serious. It’s a virus we don’t know much about, after all, and I’m not a cool kid anyway.

Most of our lives we put off jumping into things we don’t know much about. The human mind can’t stand anything it doesn’t know much about. But this time, all of humanity has been pushed beyond the edge into the unknown. We’ve been teetering on the edge for so long that it may just be about damn time.

And whether you like it or not, we’re all in this together. Rich, poor, young, old, black, pink, green, or whatever color of the rainbow you are, you and I both and the rest of the world are all in this together. And whatever happens to you on your side of the world has a subtle but lasting effect on whoever’s on the other side.

It has always been that way, although we’ve never given it much thought before. Now that countries are in lockdown and people are in self-quarantine, there’s not a lot of things that distract us from the real work we have to do — the work of getting to know who we truly are.

So on the surface, your work is easy. On the surface, the only thing you have to do is to stay at home and binge-watch everything on Netflix. Because on the surface, what we’re up against is a virus we don’t know much about, at least for the time being.

But this pandemic is more than just a virus. It’s also forcing us to come face to face with our own human creations we, even until now, still refuse to be accountable for. The abuse of Mother Earth, for instance. The focus on eliminating disease instead of promoting health. Unsustainable business models. Unrealistic marketing messages. A world economy that’s skewed extremely in favor of rich Western companies. All the wrong choices we’ve made in all the elections and the ultimate uselessness of government, whose power is simply the power the people chose to give away. And the fear-based choices humans have made and still continue to make, even as we are called at this time to be our best selves.

Because that’s what you need to do at this time. That’s the part you need to play. To step up and be the best version of yourself, whatever form that version comes in.

Some people will be caring for the sick. Some will be researching cures. Some will be raising funds. Some will be donating equipment. And some will be dancing on Tiktok or baking cookies or growing their herb gardens or holding online yoga classes or painting graceful ladies in long flowy gowns.

Whatever is the best version of you is what you feel to be the most expansive, most fulfilling part of you.

And yet, some people don’t want you stepping up to the challenge because then, you’d be taking away all of the responsibility from governments and corporations who they think should be taking care of you.

Well, guess what. In the end, the only power that governments and big businesses have over you is the power you have given away. It’s all in there–in the social contract you unwittingly agreed to.

You agreed to give your power away to a vague sort of entity defined simply by squiggles on paper in exchange for peace, protection, and security. You gave your power away, albeit unknowingly, to an outside force that can never truly assure you true peace or protection or security, but you can always get it back.

In fact, you don’t need to do much to get it back. No need for a bloody revolution to topple a government that isn’t working as planned. No need for elaborate schemes on who should take over next. All you need is to decide right now that you are taking your power back. That you’re no longer waiting and praying and begging for external forces to finally conspire in your favor.

Everything that has happened in your life so far, good or bad, is simply a reminder to keep coming back to who you are. We’ve been hit with wave after wave of disaster since the start of this year. Volcanic eruptions, destructive earthquakes, massive fires, 1 billion animals dead, and now this pandemic.

All that happening one after the other is enough to make you think it’s the end of the world. There may be some truth to that. I think we’re about to see the end of the world as we know it. And what lies beyond will be up to us. We can end up in some sort of dystopian future where there’s an astronomical divide between those who have and those who have not. Or we can end up in a future we humans would actually want to be part of.

We get to choose.

We get to decide.

And most of all, we get to make it happen.

But first, we have to believe that we can. That we’re stronger than this. That we’re bigger than this.

Because we are.