Do you know how powerful you are?

There’s a whole damn system built to undermine you. If you were an insignificant speck of dust on this big space-rock we call Earth, why would the rest of the world do everything it can to suppress your rebellion and shut you down?

Why would schools be built to make you believe that those who follow the rules, get all the answers right, and sit down quietly in the corner until ordered to speak up are the best ones?

And why would this system of praising the rule-followers and punishing the rule-breakers still be in use decades after you graduate from school and move into the workplace? Why would companies frustrate you with all sorts of crazy workplace ideas like “you can’t wear that to work” or “that’s a good idea, but it’s not our policy to entertain good ideas, just do what you’re told and you’ll be fine”?

Why is there a healthcare system that dismisses nature’s ability to heal you of diseases, diseases which were only there in the first place because we’re made to think we’re bound to get them?

Why is the economy designed to make you fail right from the start, whether because of whopping student loans you’re going to be paying for life or simply because you’re born into a place where the money you hold doesn’t have much value anywhere else?

Why are whole religions built to make you think you have no direct access to the divine, that you have to read a holy book, wear a certain garment, and kiss the ring of a certain old man before you can get the blessing of God?

And why would entire cultures even be built to make you think the universe will never be in your favor? A culture of impunity, where you’re made to think the rich ones and those who cling to the rich ones always get away with doing things they’re not supposed to do. A culture of misogyny, where you’re led to believe you’re at a disadvantage for not having a penis. A culture of white supremacy, where there’s this really powerful illusion of disempowerment. You think the world thinks you’re less than because of your skin color, so you fight tooth and nail for your place in the world, never realizing that there’s nothing you need to fight for.

Because to fight for your power means someone’s trying to take it away. And that’s not the right way to look at it. Someone may try to take it away. The bad rich and the bad men and the bad white people may want to take it away. But here’s the thing. They can’t.

They can’t take your power away unless you freely give it to them. There’s this thing about us humans. We think we’re “just human.” We’re severely limited in the way we think about ourselves. We think this is all we’ve got and the fate of the human race lies in our ability to adapt to the physical forces that are constantly working against us. And the whole damn world was built—by us and no one else—to reinforce this concept of “Little old me. I’m just human.”

But why? Why would so much pain and effort and creativity be put into this one little supposedly harmless idea?

You can argue all you want that humans are bad. That’s been done a million times before, only to be disproven time and again by the inherent goodness of the human being pushing its way to the surface when it’s called for.

Or you can simply admit it once and for all. You’re powerful as fuck, and there’s a whole world out there that, although it’s scared as hell of what you can accomplish, is also waiting, waiting, waiting ever so patiently to see what sort of crazy magic you can unleash.

You know this. You’ve felt this. You’ve seen it working in your life over and over again.

You’ve seen it in the way you cry, dust yourself off, and stand up once again after a bad failure.

You’ve seen it in the way you give all of who you are to your work, with not much expectation of a reward except for the satisfaction of giving all of who you are.

You’ve seen it in the way you keep moving forward in life, despite the fact that you don’t know where you’re going.

You’ve seen it in the way you still willingly and lovingly share your time and resources and energy with other people, notwithstanding the idea going around that people are bad and don’t deserve anything you share with them.

You’ve seen it simply in the way you open your eyes in the morning, wondering what ungodly hell could be in store for you today, yet you get out of bed and live your life until your last breath anyway.

Don’t you see it? To be human is to be powerful. The mere fact that you’re here on Earth, on this single tiny point in the universe where nearly 8 billion differing belief systems bound to put us at war with another converge, means you’ve got so much of what it takes to survive and thrive in such a hostile place.

There’s nothing you have to do to unleash this power. You don’t have to go on the streets to protest the unfairness of the world. You don’t have to sign petitions that won’t ever see the light of day. You don’t have to do anything at all.

You just have to be all of who you are.