On the surface, you’re just a regular girl or guy trying to make your way to the world. You look like everybody else. You sound like everybody else. You go through the motions of life like everybody else—or so you think.

While you think you may be blending in, other people actually think you’re not. In fact, to them, you’re sticking out like a sore thumb. You, walking with that confident stride of yours. You, speaking your mind naturally like it no one else’s business but your own. You, getting up before the crack of dawn before anyone else so you could do things everyone else don’t want to do.

You might not realize it yet, but you’re not some random, faceless person picked out from a crowd of other random, faceless persons. In fact, you never were. You have always been special. You have always been chosen. Think back to your younger days way before puberty set in and long before anybody had the chance to make you believe you’re not good enough and smart enough and cool enough.

You have always known back in the day that you’re plenty good and smart and cool enough. You have always felt there was something about you that set you apart from the other kids. And the other kids knew that as well. You were a leader and they looked up to you in every way. They relied on your expertise to decide which games to play. They came to you for advice for when their dolls were sick. And when you played make-believe, you were always chosen to be the head teacher or doctor or astronaut. Younger you always knew, and the other kids did too.

Most of all, you always knew—even though you don’t know how you know—that whatever life throws at you, you’re gonna make it anyway. You’re going to be okay anyway. Everything will be fine anyway. It’s a deep inner knowing, a truth that had always been with you from day one. And you never lost touch with it, even when sometimes your whiny adult mind wants to make you forget. You’ve anchored yourself into this truth, and by doing so, you’ve become a true spiritual badass, defying your fears and taking risks only to come out of them more alive and stronger than before.

How can someone like you ever blend in? For a time, you may have sunk into the shadows of seemingly greater people, but you were never going to blend in. You were never going to be one of the muggles on the street walking around inside their bags of flesh and bone and blood thinking this is all there is to it. No, hell no, never. That’s not who you are.

You’re a leader, born to take charge.

You have always been chosen by God, by the Universe, by You for this one special purpose in your life.

Throughout your younger years and up to this point, you’ve been picked at and pruned and polished so you could become someone worthy of your purpose.

And now, you’ve grown into a powerful warrior, aware of which battles to fight and which ones to ignore and always ready to take on anything life throws at you.

This is your time. This is where you draw the line. This is where you decide, once and for all, to fully step into your purpose-driven life because doing anything else makes you sick to the soul.

Of course, there’s always the other option. It’s always available too, you know. You can always ignore the call, deny your heart’s desire, and go on living like everybody else with a bone to pick and an axe to grind against the world. It could still be a pretty good life, at least on the surface. You’ll still make some money. You’ll still have some friends. You’ll still go on vacation to some exotic place every year if you save up dutifully for it. After all, you have always been more in touch with your gifts and talents than most people.

But no.

It still won’t be enough for you. How can it be when a pretty good life living like everyone else who didn’t chase their dreams is not what you came here for?

You came here for more. You came here to experience life to its absolute fullest. You came here for the thrill of expansion and the growing pains and aches that come with it when you stretch yourself far beyond what you think you’re capable of. You came here for the wonder that life brings, that sense of feeling connected to the world, to God, to everything below and above your head.

You don’t get any of that living like everyone else thinks you’re supposed to live. You can only have any of that when you give in to your heart’s desire.