2020 has been a good year for me.

I noticed that, for people who unabashedly took responsibility for their circumstances despite the uncertainty the pandemic brought upon all of us, 2020 came with it unexpected opportunities, blessings, and amazing things happening with seemingly no explanation at all.  

For me, 2020 was the year I fully came back to myself. This year, I finally realized and accepted that I had been living my life the right way all along. This year, I shed my attachments to other people’s opinions of what I should be doing with my life, whether those people are family or strangers on the Internet. It’s going to be a continuous thing, this shedding of attachments, but I’ve gone a long way from bending over backwards to please everybody I didn’t care for. This year, I learned to say, “No,” “This is what I think. Take it or leave it,” and “This is what I want. I’m getting what I want.”

Also, this year, I burned to the ground every single thing I built to the expectations of people around me. The things I didn’t care for I left behind, and the things that have an important place in my life I’m rebuilding, and, for some reason, even though I don’t have a lot of time on my hands for all my big and small life projects, they’re shaping up pretty quickly. You could say this was the year I began living my life the way I want to live it. And the rewards of trusting myself, that is, that part of me that is connected to God, have been plenty.

The most obvious change was in my career. I left content marketing for a few years because of the stress coupled with the income that was not commensurate to the extreme value I was providing. I was floundering about trying to make money by following people’s step-by-step systems and so-called proven strategies, and then I was forced to take an entire year off in 2019 because of my string of eye surgeries. This year, the Universe sent me a client who isn’t only willing to pay me good money but also leave me alone to decide how to do what I do best. I’m back in the content game and I’ve never been better at it.

But also, there are plenty of other things.

For instance, Ronald and I almost broke up for good this year, but now we’re turning nine years together soon and still hot for each other. Hehe, wink wink!

I lost 20 lbs. of extra weight without having to give up cake. All the weight I gained in that crazy decade after college plus the weight gain from the steroid use after surgery I lost during lockdown while everyone else was worried about getting fat.  

I learned to bake good bread (thanks Gan!) and said goodbye to Gardenia’s fake whole-wheat bread.

I learned to cut my own hair and take care of my waves so I don’t have to want to straighten them out.

I created and implemented a diet plan that actually lowered a real person’s blood pressure. Disclaimer: Not a doctor, but I can share with you what I know.

I finally identified my blog audience – and if you’re curious, I write for people who change the world just by being themselves.

And I’ve had people come to me to tell me my writing inspires them, gives them something to think about, actually makes their lives better. Because I know, even though I don’t know how I know and even though there’s not a lot of evidence in the physical, that that’s what I do. I make change happen just by being who I am.  

Also, I might have seen a fairy. I’m not sure. But it sure felt real so I’m putting that here too.

And there are a few other things I’m excited about but can’t tell you because the other people involved would kill me if I told you.

Let’s just say, despite the seeming restrictions that COVID-19 placed upon us, I’ve never felt more free than in 2020. And I have a feeling that the few who heeded the call to go within feel the same. For you, as it was for me, it was a year of change, expansion, and stepping more fully into yourself. And, as I predicted at the start of the year, 2020 was a year of pushing boundaries, making things happen, and bringing more of our true power into the world.

Don’t worry if that wasn’t the 2020 for you. It can still happen for you, you know. You don’t have to “catch up” to anybody. You’re actually not that far behind. All you have to do is to shut the rest of the world out, go within, and listen to what your heart has to say.

Here’s to the transformational year that was 2020!