Today, you’re going to learn how to manifest.

But first, let’s get one thing out of the way. You’re not really new to this, this being the manifesting thing. You’re actually already very good at it. In fact, you’re born with the natural ability to manifest your entire life. And you’ve been doing it all along.

Too often, when someone talks about the Law of Attraction for beginners, they talk about too many things that don’t really help — like affirming and scripting and looking for repeating numbers and wondering what they mean.

And so, when people start learning how to manifest, that’s what they first encounter. You might think that this is about writing an affirmation 50 times or playing a movie inside your head over and over or writing down a wish and placing it under a rose quartz crystal to bathe in the light of the full moon. Those are fun things to do. But that’s not what manifesting is.  

Manifesting simply is how you live your life. You have assumptions about yourself and about the world that you believe in. And it’s those assumptions that shape up what you see in your world. And it’s not just in a cognitive bias sort of way. The way it works isn’t just the mind looking for evidence of your assumptions. The way it works is that God gives you exactly what you assume to be true.

And God, by the way, isn’t an external being you pray to so you can receive what you ask for. This is the most important thing you need to take away from this. God is with you. God is in you. God is you. You are God — cue all the accusations of blasphemy here, but that’s what it is. There’s no way you can be anything else, since you come from God, you’re made by God, and you’re literally made of God-material.

I know you’re going to need a bit more unpacking of that statement. But let’s just assume you get that. You actually already do. You know somewhere deep down, there’s an irresistible voice that keeps calling you to a life you don’t even dare dream of. You feel the urge from within. You know there’s something you have to listen to. And some part of you deeply and truly believes that all you can ever dream of is already yours. You just have to shut out everything else first.

And that includes all the little tricks and tips you’ve learned to somehow help you manifest what you want faster. Look, manifesting isn’t a technique to get what you want. It’s how you and I everyone else live our lives. It’s how, every day, we wake up already experiencing the world inside our heads, only to have that experience show up in the physical world just a few moments after.

Think about it for a second. What’s the first thing you experience inside your head the moment you wake up? What’s the first thing you imagine in the morning? Chances are you unconsciously assume yourself getting out of bed, tossing the covers aside, and putting on your slippers so you can go to the bathroom. So that’s what the body does. The physical world, which includes your physical body, arranges itself according to what you have imagined. That is you manifesting right there.

Ridiculous, right? Most people think manifesting is about the big stuff — the hot red sports cars and the rich spouses and the millions of dollars. Yes, you can definitely manifest all of that and more if that’s what your heart truly wants. But all this focus on the big stuff has kind of taken our sights off the simple and utter truth of how it works. That you’re always manifesting, you’re always creating, you’re always living life based on how you assume it to be.  

So start with what you’re always assuming about yourself. Start with what you’re always imagining about how you relate to the rest of the world. Start with what you’re already experiencing inside your head. Which of those assumptions do you no longer want to assume to be true? And what would you want to experience more of?

When you wake up in the morning, do you want to experience yourself as someone who doesn’t have any energy or enthusiasm to take on the day? Or do you want to be someone else — someone who knows the day is going to be great? Start with that. Start with how you see yourself beginning your day, and keep assuming new things about yourself as you move along the day.

Because how you change your life depends on how you experience yourself. Contrary to common knowledge, you don’t manifest what you want. You don’t even manifest what you think or feel. You manifest who you become. Become a morning person, and somehow the morning just becomes easier to deal with. Become a loving wife, and you’ll find your loving husband showing up at the door. Become a wealthy person, and the money just starts to flow in ways you never expected.  

Simply become who you want to be — that’s all you really need to do. You don’t need to write 50 affirmations for that. You don’t need to visualize. You don’t have to raise your vibration. You just have to become. Choose. Decide now that you are that person. Ignore every physical, mental, and emotional evidence that aims to prove the contrary. Simply become who you want to be now. And everything else — the money, the success, the love, and all the material things you want to come with it will follow.