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That big dream of yours? It’s just a blink, a touch, a flick of a wrist away. It’s all already there for you. It’s all sitting in front of you, waiting for you to grab by the balls and live it to the fullest.

But, what’s that I hear? You’re saying that’s not true. You’re saying the facts are the solid, hard facts and that the fact of the matter is that you’re here dead-broke, weak-kneed, and sad for your own sorry ass. Isn’t that what you see when you take a long, hard look at your life? And isn’t sorry for yourself what you feel when you see everyone else on Facebook and Instagram living the high life, bubble-round butts hanging out of their Lululemon yoga pants and all?

The fact of the matter is facts are not the cold, hard truth. You may read that again and again and again until you get it into your brain. Facts are not the cold hard truth. Hundreds of years ago, it was a cold, hard fact that the Earth was the center of the solar system. Just a few centuries ago, people cured their sicknesses with cow dung and god knows what other stuff they used. And just a few years ago, time existed in a straight line, with the past in the past, the present in the present, and the future still to come. if you’re having a hard time believing that one, you can Google quantum time and you’ll see that the most forward-thinking of quantum scientists have discovered that time, in fact, moves forward and backward. Try to wrap your mind around that!

And so, if facts can change in a single spark of the mind, in a single discovery, in a single experiment, why can’t the facts about your life and about who you think you are change in a single instant as well? Because, again, facts are not the truth. They are merely the things we imagine to be true. And on top of that, everything that is going on in our lives are simply things we imagine are going on.

Say, for example, you’re walking down the street and you see a couple of women that you know. Maybe from school or maybe from work or maybe just from a party you were at a couple of months ago. It doesn’t matter. You’re thinking of going up to these girls to say hi to them. You’re feeling friendly today and you just would like to drop by and ask them how they’re going. So you walk up to them, ready to give them a bright, cheery smile when, all of a sudden, you see one of the women lean in towards the other. She whispers something in her ear and they both smile at each other, as though they were sharing a secret you’re not allowed in on.

Your mind takes over and imagines what the whispering and smiling means. Of course, having been trained to spot danger at all times, your mind thinks those women are whispering nasty things about you. They’re probably talking about how much weight you’ve put on since they last saw you, or that you’re too awkward to talk to so they’re pretending they didn’t see you, or that your outfit is too sexy and who are you to think you can wear those clothes in public like that? Instantly, your facts have changed. Instead of being excited to turn a couple of acquaintances into friends, you’re now the loser of the century. And all because you’ve thought, interpreted, imagined something to be true.

For all you know, those women were whispering about how lovely you looked as you eagerly approached them with a smile in your eyes. Or how they remembered you from the party a couple of months ago as a person they would love to know better. But you wouldn’t know because you’ve held on to what your mind now calls the cold, hard facts, as if cold, hard facts are the truth of the matter.

That’s what we keep doing in our everyday lives. We keep holding on to what we can see with our physical eyes as the ultimate truth. We have been so conditioned to believe that what is in front of us right now is what is actually going on in our lives. We see first before we believe. And we rarely believe because we would rather rely on external sources for our truths—some on holy books, many on scientific studies whose so-called factual results keep changing every few months or so.

People say this is the reliable, sensible way to go about life. When you have a piece of paper telling you that something is true, then it must be really true for some reason, and that brings the safety and security we all are craving for. Isn’t it the other way around? When you have to keep depending on something outside of yourself for the truth, you start to feel as though you’re a piece of debris being blown off by the wind into whatever direction it takes you. One minute, the experts say you should avoid fat. The other minute, they say you should avoid carbs. One minute, they say you should have a website that’s fully optimized. The next minute, they say to ditch your website and market on Facebook instead. And on and on it goes. And you, poor you, keep switching paths because your truth keeps changing as the facts change.

Don’t you get it yet? There is no real security in things outside of yourself. The more you hold on to ideas being presented as truth by anyone else but yourself, the more you get torn off piece by piece into all directions until, one day, you realize you have given off too much of yourself into believing other people’s truths instead of listening to the truth that is already inside yourself. The real security you are looking for doesn’t come from holding on to things you imagine will make you feel secure. Real security comes from being able to embrace the complete and utter insecurity of not having any scientific study, holy book, or a pronouncement from your favorite Internet guru to rely on for truth.

Inside is where that comes from. The dark, untouchable place we rarely, if not never, venture into during our waking lives because—oh, I don’t know—there are bills to pay and laundry to fold and children to feed. Inside is where your truth continues to hide, waiting for you to come in and sit with it until you become comfortable enough to let it out. And that truth you keep avoiding, avoiding, avoiding? It never goes away. Not when you turn sixty-two. Not when you’re lying in your death bed looking back at the life you have lived. The truth will always be there, carrying with it your dreams, your visions, the things you had always known deep down you want to go after but never have because of the deep mind conditioning we’ve all had to go through. Either you have to ignore the facts and face that truth now, in all the discomfort it takes to do so, or you face it on your death bed with the regret of someone who was never brave enough to do so earlier in life.

It’s your choice. It always has been.

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