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Isn’t it funny that everyone tells you to be different, yet they all do and say the same things?

Take a quick, easy look at Instagram these days. We have all these models and model wannabes who keep posting the same pictures of themselves, butts out, lips pursed, and pretending they’re enjoying whatever’s in the background.

And listen to every entrepreneur who wants to become an influencer in their domain. They get the most attention to themselves by looking down on Instagram models, as if what they do is somehow more noble, more deserving of being paid attention to than posting a picture of yourself.

Oh, and look at every damn person trying to sell anything on the Internet. They keep saying what they do is never about them. Never at all, as if they don’t get a smidgen of satisfaction from doing what they do. It’s always about others, unlike the so-called influencers who make it all about themselves. No, God no. It’s all about helping people and being of service to the world.

Yes, sure, how nice is it that people want to help each other! But haven’t we heard it all before?

You know what would actually be different? It’s people finally admitting that what they do is all for themselves. Whether they’re posting half-naked selfies or discovering the cure for cancer or baking charcoal black cookies sprinkled with edible glitter, people who openly and unashamedly admit that what they do is, in fact, a gift they give to themselves are the kind of people we need to listen to.

Because deep down you know we are not here to solve problems. When our souls decided that we were gonna go down to this physical world called Earth, we didn’t say to ourselves, “Ah, there, look! That’s Earth, which is basically synonymous for shithole. It has poverty and disease and racism and all manner of perversion. I’d like to go to Earth and live as a human being so I can solve all these problems and make my life all about other souls, who are perfectly capable of shining their inner light on their own.”

Ask yourself this right now. And ask yourself again later when you’re no longer resisting what I say. Ask your soul if it came here because it wanted to be a hero and save the world by solving other people’s problems. Ask your soul if it truly believes that other people do not have the capacity to solve their own problems and need a more experienced, more competent soul to do it.

Trust me when I say you won’t get far in the asking because your soul will vehemently say no. No, you didn’t come here to solve problems. No, you didn’t come here because you’re better at living than everyone else.

You came here because you wanted to experience Earth. You came here because it is the perfect avenue to showcase who you are, alongside billions of other souls showcasing who they are as well. And that’s where it all gets interesting. Every single one of us has a different way of being who they are. Some love to read quietly in the corner and some love to dance onstage. Some genuinely love to take care of turtles while others’ only joy is to do whatever it is they do on the stock exchange.

You don’t need to try to be different. You don’t need to try to be kind and selfless and thoughtful of others. You don’t even need to try and be of service to the world. Just by being who you are, just by shining your light in that unique way of yours, you already are of service.

What does it matter if, right now, your light can only reach a couple of people? Eventually, those people will find their inner spark and that light will reach a couple more. And on and on it will go, an endless string of lights shining down on the world.

But you don’t want to be called selfish, do you? You don’t want people whispering behind their mouths about what a self-centered bitch you are, letting yourself shine and all that horn-tooting of yours.

And most of all, just in case life abandons you and your dreams don’t materialize, you’re afraid that people will shake their smug little heads in pity and tell you, “I told you so. You shouldn’t have gone off thinking it’s all about you and telling the world about it. It’s never about you. Never has been and never will be. Why should it be when you’re just an insignificant speck of dust in this vast universe?”

But that is where they’ve got it all wrong, don’t they? You’re not just a speck of dust in this big, old universe. Your body may be, but who you truly are inside is more than that. And you’ll never know if you keep listening to the same old drivel about trying to be different from the Instagram influencers and Kim Kardashian wannabes of the world.

Side note: I love Kim Kardashian. Every inch of her plastic body and her bimbo personality, I love it all. And if you think that’s ridiculous, then it’s not about me or Kim K. Your thoughts and opinions are always a reflection of who you are being, baby.

As for poverty, disease, racism, and all the perversions of the world? I hate (or not) to break it to you, but only the people who are being true to themselves succeed at waking up the creativity within them to solve the world’s problems.

Only the true healers discover the secret to living a long and healthy life. Only the true leaders bring out the best in people. Only the true artists and performers inspire a deep, soulful joy in others. Only those who steadfastly remain who they are, no matter what the world throws at them, find that there are actually no problems to solve at all.

So, honey, keep posting pictures of that awesome butt of yours if your true joy is to inspire others that they, too, can have an awesome butt like yours. Keep whacking away at that equation day and night until you find a way to harness the vast amounts of energy that is here all around us yet unused and unheard of by the masses, if that’s what you want, of course. Keep writing those stories you think nobody wants to read. Keep singing until the whole world is ready to listen. Keep dancing and soon the world will build a stage for you. Keep doing what you love. That’s all you really need to do.

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