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Hey writer, 

Here you are burnt out handling multiple low-paying content projects to make ends meet. 

You’re shackled to your desk wondering where the “free” in freelance writing is gonna happen. 

Someone responded to your cold emails today, insulting you by offering $3 per article. 

I know how it feels to be rejected and unappreciated, knowing you can write so much better than 95% of content writers on the internet and yet not be seen, read, or recognized. 

It’s easy to give up now. Throw away everything you’ve worked with love for all these years now.


The only reason you’re struggling is because you keep forgetting to go back to your foundations. 

Somewhere along the way, while you were learning how to write with PAS and AIDA in mind, insert keywords with SurferSEO, find appropriate internal links, break down your walls of text, craft compelling CTAs, and now write AI writing prompts, you forgot the most important things of all. 

Let me remind you of that, so you can remember what it takes to weave magic back into your work, so that you can breathe life back into your dusty, old freelance writing business. 

You’re done with templates.

You’re done with formulas. 

You’re done with other people’s business strategies that don’t work for you precisely because they’re other people’s strategies, not yours. 

Time to go back to who you are as a writer and what made you decide to build a career as a freelance content writer in the first place. 

Time for you to join Freelance Writing 201, a brand new private training for freelance content writers who want to reinvigorate their writing career. 

Here’s what you’re going to remember in this masterclass: 

✔️ How to know who your readers truly are so you can write content that feels true for them

✔️ How to harness the single most powerful emotion to get readers to do the things you want them to do without feeling guilty about it

✔️ How to create writing inspiration from scratch and never run out of writing ideas ever again 

✔️ The real secret to working with ease and flow and phenomenal results. No, it’s not hard work. 

✔️ What high-ticket clients will pay for, and what they won’t. And again, no, they won’t pay you for your ability to adapt to “new technologies” aka AI.

✔️ What you need to do so you can start offering what high-ticket clients are looking for and articulate that in your marketing materials

✔️ And the only thing you really need to do to succeed in all you do. Everything else is optional except for this. If you don’t do this, you will fail, GUARANTEED. In big, bold letters and word underlined for emphasis.

Everyone wants to make money. Or so they think. 

What most people really want is to be able to live life as themselves again, unbound, unshackled, and appreciated. Getting paid richly for it? It’s a nice bonus that happens to come along when you set yourself free.. 

This is what I share with you. 

Training goes live on March 2, 2023 at 7 PM. 

No investment required except all of who you are. 

Only for those who are willing to do what it takes to write with love, so you can work with people who share your values, so you can make more money as yourself. 

If you’re in it only for the money, I’m not your girl. 

Otherwise, you can sign up here.