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When it comes to making a change in your life, there’s one thing that most people agree on. You just have to do it. Do what? Do whatever you need to do to bring the outcome into your reality. When Nike said “Just do it,” everyone nodded their heads in conformity. Yup, just go ahead and do it. It doesn’t matter what kind of action it is. It doesn’t matter what part of your life you need to sacrifice to be able to do it. It doesn’t matter what the results are going to be. Just. Fucking. Do. It!

And, yes, sometimes, just doing it leads to fabulous results. Who would’ve known that the only thing you needed to do was to take action, right? Most times, though? It doesn’t. Just look at the multitudes of souls just doing it and doing it without actually stopping to ask themselves: Is what I’m doing really the right action for me? Is this what I am meant to be doing? And most importantly, are my whole heart and soul in full alignment with this? Because if not, then you’re gonna keep just doing it for the rest of your life without actually getting the results you want.

Because it is not what you do that makes a difference. And I can prove that to you. Look at the thousands of happy and successful people who are making a living off the Internet. Some are bloggers. Some are vloggers. Some are affiliate marketers. Some are posting pictures of themselves and getting thousands of likes for them. Some are selling courses that teach you how to make paper flowers, or home workout programs, or masterminds where independent-minded entrepreneurs can interact with kindred spirits. Some sell homemade crystal necklaces on Etsy, ghostwrite books for celebrities from the other side of the world, video-chat with rich horny guys, build apps for your iPhone, or rent out their homes on websites like Airbnb.

And they all have different ways of getting their work out there. Some get the word out by getting the most amount of traffic they can from Google. Some post on Facebook every day or multiple times a day. Some stick to Instagram. Others are on Twitter, or LinkedIn, or Pinterest (yes, Pinterest is a thing!). Some build their audience through guest posting. Others by messaging random people on Facebook and having heart-to-heart conversations with them. Some people post videos on YouTube, or Vine (if Vine still exists), or any of the other video platforms out there. Others do good, ol’ email marketing. And some do all of these at once or none at all.

And you know what? Whatever way they market themselves, as long as they are doing what they are meant to be doing, what they do always works. The marketing method doesn’t matter. In the same way that your diet or workout program doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Atkins or paleo or keto or South Beach or Weightwatchers or raw food or vegan or intermittent fasting or the cabbage soup diet. It doesn’t matter if you lift weights or run like Forrest Gump or do Crossfit or go to spinning class or dance Zumba or kickbox your way to fitness. In fact, it doesn’t matter at all if you’re just sitting at home or at the office slouched in front of the computer all day long.

Not a single one of the many, many, many actions you take matter if these actions aren’t coming from a place of your highest, truest, most authentic self. And that, my friend, makes the difference between those who continue to struggle day in and day out to achieve their goals that always feel so near yet so far and those who treat work like never-ending play and still always get the ultimate results they want and more. The former continue to race to a non-existent finish line with all the things they do, wondering when they’ll ever get a break. The latter know there’s no race and we’re all gonna get where we’re going in the end.

It’s a secret that’s freely available to all, and yet most people continue to fall into the trap of doing, doing, doing. It’s not that taking action is useless. Action is absolutely essential. Whatever you want in life, you do actually have to take action. But you can’t just take any kind of action, even if it’s what everyone else thinks you should do. So what’s the most important thing you need to do? I have no idea. Nobody does, except for you. But not the part of you that’s struggling to control everything, tearing your hair out trying to figure out with your little human mind what to do next.

Ask your best self what you need to do. Sit down, calm down, and look at yourself like you’re already the person who has everything you want. Fulfilling career? Check. Relationships of your dreams? Check. Strong and healthy body so you can do everything you want? Check, check, check. Certainly, the person who has all those and more is no longer the person who’s grasping at straws trying to think of what they’re supposed to do. Because that person—that highest version of yourself—knows you can’t think about it. You have to feel it through.

And that person, the ideal you, is all already there inside. You don’t need to succeed at your career, relationship, health, or other goals to prove that to yourself. It’s not the career or the relationship or the perfect body that defines this person, or any other person for that matter. It’s not the goals achieved or the actions completed or the problems solved. What defines that person—remember, we’re talking about the you who is being her best self—is simply who that person is inside. None of the physical stuff defines you. NONE AT ALL. Not your skin color, body shape, or ethnic origins. Not even your diseases or addictions or a family history you’d rather not talk about or your criminal record. None of that matters.

And you know what that means? You don’t have to wait for physical stuff to show up in your life before you can be the person you want to be and just know you are meant to be. You can just become that person right now. As in right here, in this very moment, you can just decide that you are the powerful, confident, and inspirational being that you already are deep inside. Why wait for your goals and dreams to materialize into being? Why put it off when there is literally nothing stopping you from becoming that best version of yourself now?

Yes, sure, you may have peanuts in your bank account right now. You can let that define who you are or you can decide that, even if your bank account is empty, you still appreciate that you have a roof above your head, an Internet connection that allowed you to find this post and let it help you turn your life around (even if it’s just your neighbor’s wi-fi), and friends and family to turn to during hard times. You can still be that wealthy person you want to be even if you have no single cent on you right now. Because it’s not the physical existence of money that makes you rich. It’s you feeling rich. It’s you feeling safe and secure in the notion that, whatever happens, you’re always, always, ALWAYS taken care of by God, the Universe, your Higher Self.

And it’s the same thing with everything else in life. You don’t need to wait for your soulmate to show up before you can become happy. You don’t need to lose weight before you can start feeling confident about yourself. You start loving yourself first. And truth be told, you’re not ever going to find a true, loving relationship or keep the weight off if you’re not gonna love yourself in the best possible way first. Any relationship that takes place will always feel second best and any weight you lose will keep coming back.

Life doesn’t respond to what you want. That much is pretty clear to everyone past the age of two. It also doesn’t respond to what you do. If it does, every single hard-working person on the planet would be filthy rich by now. It doesn’t even respond to who you think or say you are. Just look at those jerks who think they’re hot stuff but are actually secretly loathed by everyone unlucky enough to be in their way. The only thing that life responds to is who you are being right now.

So ask yourself. Who are you right now? You can choose to be who you’re supposed to be based on what society expects of you. You can choose to be poor and struggling and preyed on by the rules of politics and economics. There’s nothing wrong with that. You can choose to be that person, but you don’t have to. Because there are other choices available for you, including the best choice you can make for yourself—the choice to be your best self, which is really who you are deep inside.

And once you’re being your best self, once you’re being who you truly are, doing won’t be a problem anymore. You won’t have to think hard about what you need to do next. In fact, you wouldn’t even have to think at all. Your best self will know. Everything will naturally flow. And even if what you’re meant to be doing is staying up until the wee hours of the morning to get your next project done, it won’t feel like the same way it did once when you forced yourself to stay up late to finish a task you didn’t want to finish but was pressured into doing so. Most days, though, your best self will know what actions you need to do and how to do them so you won’t have to sacrifice your precious sleeping time at all.

Take this post, for example. I’ve been writing for more than 10 years, and though I enjoyed the work I’ve done for the last decade, I still wasn’t being my highest, truest, most authentic self. But when I decided I was gonna step into that, completely ignoring my fears about what others would say, I simply stepped into that. I didn’t wait for me to become rich from writing about this stuff before I became who I am. I didn’t wait for readers to show up before I began writing the things that have been brewing inside all these years. I decided I was gonna write, and every day since, I never had to figure out what I was going to write about. I, who I really am, simply knows. And that’s how I get to write deeply moving, soul-touching, life-changing stuff every day.

You can do the same, you know. You can start doing now what you know in your heart you’re supposed to be doing now simply by becoming who you’re meant to be. It’s not a matter of skill or circumstance. It’s just a matter of choice.  

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