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When you look in the mirror, what do you see? This isn’t some hypothetical question I’m throwing around to get you to think. Get up from where you’re sitting and sit yourself down in front of the mirror. Now, look yourself straight in the eye and tell me what you see.

When I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful woman. I see her skin glowing softly like a fairy wing in the bright fluorescent light. I see her eyes, old and deep, like they’ve seen her through lifetime after lifetime until she got here. I see her smile, almost childlike in her confidence, almost smug in the knowing that whatever happens, everything is going to be okay and everything is going to work out perfectly for her.

This isn’t how I always saw myself. Once upon a time, not so long ago in this lifetime, I looked in the mirror and saw an awkward, clumsy girl, lost in the world because she couldn’t find her place. Back then, I saw someone who looked like she had it all on the outside, adored and complimented by many yet still unsure of who she was or what she was here for. I would smile at my reflection, hoping that it would change the way my eyes looked back, but it never did.

Does it matter how we look at ourselves? This social media-obsessed world tells us that how we present ourselves is our brand. People will always remember us for that. And so we use all the resources we have to protect that ever-precious brand. So that the world sees us for the person we want them to see us, even though this isn’t really the person you see when all the lights fade out and all you have left is you alone with a mirror in hand.

Because nothing else is as important as how you see yourself when you’re all alone. When everyone has gone to bed and we all take a break from comparing ourselves with one another all day long, you’re the only one you have left. When we take our last breath and leave our bodies to step into the other life, we will still be the only ones we have left. And so it’s crucial that we are 100% completely, absolutely in love with that only person we have left because how sad it would be otherwise.

So, I ask you again. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Go beyond what your physical eyes can see. Your physical eyes are essential in creating experiences in this world, but there’s more to seeing than seeing only with them. Use your inner eye to look at yourself. What does your inner eye see? Does it see you being the person that you really, truly want to be? Or does it see just another cog in the wheel designed to keep people in this millennia-old status quo that’s all but ready to crumble in a single blow anyway?

In other words, are you being who you truly are as the person that you want to be? Or are you just pretending to be someone you’re not for the sake of your brand? There’s a big difference between being and pretending. In manifesting, being the person you want to be is the fastest, easiest, and most effortless way to bring to life all that you desire. Pretending, on the other hand, is just taking a stab at life without really giving it everything you’ve got. When you’re pretending to be someone you’re not, you’re fully aware of the fact that this isn’t who you are. This isn’t how you would think. This isn’t how you would feel. This isn’t how you would behave. This isn’t you at all, and do you realize just how much life drains from out of you when you realize that you’re not being your true self at all?

So look in the mirror again. Do it over and over until you find yourself there. No, you’re not a wounded soul trying to find healing where there is none. You’re not a lost girl trying to find her place. You’re not some poor, helpless being with no hope left for change. Look again and again and again until you find who you truly are. Because the only thing that matters—no matter what the world says about your goddamned brand—is who you know yourself to be.

And I’ll give you a hint. Who you are isn’t the roles you play in life. Who you are isn’t your possessions. Who you are isn’t even the dark, shadowy pasts we all have and would prefer not to talk about but also take pride in having gone through that. Who you are isn’t the causes you’re fighting for. Who you are isn’t any of the things that your rational, sensible mind can come up with. So who are you instead? I can’t tell you until you’re ready. And when you are, you won’t need me to tell you at all.  

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