Content for Changemakers

Does it seem like everyone on the Internet is starting to sound the same to you?

It’s not an illusion.

Most people on the Internet are simply regurgitating what everyone else has said.

It’s not that they’ve got nothing to say; it’s just that they have the wrong writers.

Let’s be honest for a minute.

Most people who say they are writers simply aren’t.

Some people think that, just because they can string a few words together, they can call themselves writers.

Others think, just because they have perfect grammar and spelling and can use “pulchritude” in a sentence, they have what it takes to write amazing content.

I respectfully disagree.

By amazing content, I mean:

> Content that provides clear answers to your readers’ questions.

> Content that addresses their real-world problems.

> Content that empowers them to take action.

> Content that has them saying, “Hey, that’s me she’s talking about!”

> Content that has them wondering, “How does she know the right thing to say?”

> Content that ends with a feeling of “Wow! That was powerful! I need more of that.”

> Content that builds lifelong relationships.

> Content that makes you stand out.

> Content that your readers read because they want to, not because they need to.   

> Content that speaks straight to your reader’s very heart and soul.

There’s a certain kind of sensitivity that goes with writing content that grabs people’s attention and leaves a lasting impression.

It’s a process that requires empathy. You need to be able to put yourself in your readers’ shoes.

It demands a rare combination of insight and rigor, the ability to look at the big picture without missing all the important details.  

And if you really want your content to shine, it has to be written by someone who actually loves to write.

Otherwise, you’re left with dull, generic content that’s just a little bit more than meaningless filler for your website or social media pages.

It may be technically perfect, but readers don’t read content because it’s technically perfect.

Readers read content because it speaks to them.

Until you get that, you’re going to drown in a content ocean that’s only growing larger and noisier by the day.

And unless you understand what it means to write only for your intended audience, your intended audience won’t find you.

This is why I’m offering to do this for you.

Because the world badly needs more content by people who actually love to create it.

Here’s what I offer to you:

Content that establishes you as the master of your niche

Plant your flag as the ultimate authority in your niche with complete, comprehensive content that won’t leave your readers wanting to visit your competitor’s website.

Content that builds relationships

Play the long game—that is, the only game—with content that wins over new followers and turns old followers into loyal, loving fans.

Content that gets people to take action

Uplift, inspire, and empower your readers to take the right course of action that propels them toward their dreams and aspirations.  

Content that speaks to your reader’s very heart and soul

Shake your readers to their very core with intuitive content that goes beyond technical perfection—content that has that oomph factor only writers who love what they do can bring to the table.

A writer who can write about anything under the sun and above it

Work with someone who’s actually interested in what you do, whatever that is. Yes, it’s actually possible for someone to be interested in everything. People call us “jack-of-all trades,” but I prefer the term “renaissance soul” by Margaret Lobenstine.

A writer with extensive experience to back her up

Hire someone with more than a decade of professional experience writing to catch and keep the attention of the most distracted people in the world.

A writer who is personally invested in your success

Partner up with someone who personally believes the world needs more people who are passionate about what they do. How do I know you do? Because you can’t have such high standards for yourself and the people you work with unless you love what you do.

A writer who knows the power of content to change your business and the world

Collaborate with someone who takes content seriously—a writer who knows that content isn’t something you churn out like they do at run-of-the-mill content farms but something you craft with deep love and respect.

A writer you can rely on   

Stop worrying about incomplete drafts, unmet deadlines, and all other forms of sloppiness we creatives are known for. When you work with me, you work with someone who delivers on time to your expectations.

A writer who has a simple, effective, no-nonsense system to get things done

No need to figure out how I fit into your schedule. Simply place your order, provide your instructions, and get the high-quality content you paid for.

The freedom to do what matters

Seriously, I’ve got this. Let a highly experienced writer who loves what she does and borders just a teeny-tiny bit into nitpicky perfectionism take care of your content for you.

When you’re ready to work with a writer who meets your standards, send me a message.

Check out my services below to find out which is the most suitable for you:

Authority Package – $2,000

4 skyscraper articles per month

Influencer Package – $2,160

12 regular articles per month

Self-starter Package – $800

4 regular articles per month

Leader Package – $2,880

16 regular articles per month

Inspirer Package – $1,600

8 regular articles per month

Changemaker Package – $3,600

20 regular articles per month

When you’re ready to level up your content game, give me a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a few things you want to ask? Here are my answers to the questions I get asked the most.

What is the word count for your articles?

There is no fixed word count but, generally, skyscraper articles can go anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 words while regular articles can go up to 2,000 words.

What’s the difference between skyscraper and regular articles?

Skyscraper articles are the Ferraris of the content marketing world. They take you places—fast! They’re more complete, up-to-date, and, generally, bigger and better than every other article on the same topic.  

Do articles include images, graphs, and formatting options?

Yes, you may request images, graphs, charts, and formatting options at no extra cost to you. Please note that I don’t offer infographics, graphics design, or photo editing services.  

Do you write product reviews?

Yes, but if and only if I have access to the product or service being reviewed.

Do your packages include revisions?

Yes, but only for articles with complete instructions. Each package includes one free revision for each qualified article. Subsequent revisions cost a fee that is 30% of the original article.  

Can you choose which topics to write about?

Yes. Creating a monthly editorial calendar for your business costs an extra $200.  

How do you choose which topics to write about?

I use a combination of Internet marketing tools and the insights I’ve gained through experience about which articles readers want to read.

We’re an agency and we have our own style guide. Are you okay with that?

Of course. But I draw the line if your style guide insists on inserting grammatically incorrect keywords into the article. It’s 2020. We shouldn’t be doing that anymore.

Will you do a test article at a discounted price? 

No. I only do test articles at a full price of $200.

How long should you wait for my order to be delivered?

You can expect your articles to be delivered within 30 days of placing an order.

What are your payment options?

I currently accept PayPal, TransferWise, and Payoneer. For first-time clients, I recommend that you use PayPal because it provides buyer’s protection. If you have other payment options you’d like me to use, let me know and we’ll see if it works for us.

Do you provide refunds?

It takes a lot of time to write even one single article of decent quality. This is why I do not offer refunds after you have made the 50% down payment. However, if you choose to cancel your order, I will not charge the remaining balance.

What can I do to help you create the best content for my website?

Many things. Provide a detailed customer avatar. Be clear about your business and content goals. Offer crystal clear instructions on what you would like to see in an article. Otherwise, articles with incomplete instructions are not qualified for free revisions.

Obviously, my content writing services aren’t for everybody.

But this is for you if:

You’re a changemaker.

You do what you do because you believe with all your heart that you can help change the world.

You’re a trailblazer.

You don’t follow the crowd. You forge your own path and let people follow you.

You’re intuitive.

You listen to your heart, intuition, conscience—whatever you call it—and make business decisions based on what it says.

You’re a go-getter.

You want the best, work with only the best, and know you deserve the best.

You have money to invest in high-quality content.

You know the value of having great content and you’re willing to pay for it.

You have seen my work.

And you trust me to deliver the same excellent quality for you.

And just to make it crystal clear, this isn’t for you if:

You’re only in it for the money.

Nothing wrong with wanting to make money only, but we’re not likely going to be good partners if money is your only goal.

Your business runs on someone else’s step-by-step, scientifically proven blueprint for success, not yours.

If you’re not going to take a risk for what your gut says, you’re not likely going to get the reward your heart is after, and it’s not likely going to be fulfilling to me to work with you.

You’re looking for cheap labor.

The world is changing. Soon enough, we will thrive on an economic system that pays people based on the actual value they bring to the table, not on what others think they’re worth.

Success, wealth, and maybe even fame—all of these are fun to have. And no doubt about it, you deserve it all. We all do.

But success and all its trappings never quite feel as good as the fulfillment you get when you know you’re making a difference in the world and you’re working with people who want to do the same.

Call me when you’re ready.