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If you’re on the not-so-travelled path towards a dream, a goal, a vision that you hold steadfastly in your heart—and you are, if you are reading this post—you naturally go through multiple stages of questioning yourself. You question your dream, whether or not it is actually the right one for you or if you’re just trying to live up to the expectations of others in your circle. And you question yourself. Who do you think you are, pretending to be someone you’re not, trying to go after something you’re not worthy of?

It’s easy ignoring everyone else. When people around you try to offer well-meaning but unsolicited and ultimately harmful advice that you should stick to the tried-and-true tested way of things, you can say “No, thank you” and shut yourself up somewhere safe and away from them. But when it’s your own mind throwing all the most hurtful accusations at you because you want to be whatever it is you want to be, how do you shut yourself out of your own mind then? How do you ignore it when the voice of doubt and derision is coming from your own head?

Maybe you don’t have to ignore it. Maybe all you really need to do to shut that voice up is to let it be. I saw a video a few days ago about the best way to stop a bully. Instead of running or fighting or even trying to understand what the bully really wants to say, the fastest, easiest way to stop a bully is to not resist anything he says. He says you’re stupid? Okay. He says you’re ugly? Wow, thank you! He says you’re a sad sack of flesh and bones? You’re such a smart, kind, and beautiful person. You know what this does to the bully, don’t you? It throws them off guard. They don’t expect you to give in that easily. They thought you’d fight and struggle and try to run away, but you don’t so they have no idea what to do.

It’s the same with the hyper-critical thinking mind. I’m not talking about the part of you that actually needs to be heard. Those parts, often from childhood and maybe even from past lives, that are nursing old wounds that need to heal for you to truly feel whole. I’m talking about the ego, that part of you that wants to get it all under control because she thinks she’s got it all right and your heart’s got it all wrong. This is the part that bullies you. She’s the one who keeps questioning your ability to make life-changing decisions and hurls all the fears, doubts, and below-the-belt insults she thinks will make you stop, fight, or  flee. You don’t have to fight her or run away from her. You just have to let her be. Whatever she says, tell her she’s right. Tell her you agree. Tell her you’re thankful for her contributions.

And then go ahead and do your thing anyway. If there’s anything that is going to finally shut your inner critic up, it’s showing up being the person you want to be. The mind thinks in linear time. It sees things happening in the past, present, and future. It thinks that because you don’t have the clients you dream of working with or the money in your bank account yet, then it’s not there. Most people agree with the mind. Of course, it’s not there! Can’t you see? It’s. Not. There!

But you’re not most people, are you? You don’t think and feel and see the world just like them. You’re different. You always have been. And you’ve known since you were young that you are. You might not have been able to put it in certain terms back then, but you’ve always felt like you don’t belong. You don’t put up with small talk or gossip or complaining about the current state of the country. You would rather spend your time curled up in bed with a book, or tending to your garden, or having heart-to-heart conversations with your cat (or your best friend).

You’ve always felt different because you are different. And if you’re finally coming to terms with that, somewhere along this journey you realize that your mind is not the ultimate authority in your life. If you haven’t yet come to terms with the truth that you are different from the masses, that’s fine. But stick around because you’ll realize by hanging out with me that there are more people like you finally coming out. That’s what this blog is all about, really. To show you, my dear wonder-seeking, big-dreaming, life-loving friend that you’re not alone. It’s not just you. There are plenty of us thinking we’re wandering around on this lonely planet alone and so cut off from the rest of the world.

Anyway, if that’s you, then you know there’s something else your mind isn’t telling you. It’s not the mind’s fault. It’s not like it’s keeping it secret from you. The mind cannot know. It can’t understand. It’s just too immersed in the illusions presented to us in our day-to-day lives to even be able to fathom what is ultimately the unfathomable truth. What we see, hear, and feel in this physical reality is nothing more than a shadow of what is really true.

Even though right now you can only see two obnoxious, fat zeros in your bank account, somewhere out there in the immeasurable vastness of the Universe, a bank account that’s flowing with all the money you need and want is already there for you. Even though you’re in pain and you’re limping your way to work or you’re feeling insecure about your blemishes, your body already holds the blueprint it needs so it can heal itself, whether through the help of mainstream medicine, alternative treatments, or a so-called miracle.

It’s all already there. God has already created it for you. How can He not when God is everywhere around you and inside you? Who you are is the substance of God. Remember, in the beginning there was God, and God created everything from nothing? You are literally made by God, from God, and of God. You are absolutely perfect just as you already are—because you are a tiny sliver of God who came here to experience what it’s like to be human. You can’t reverse that. You can’t make yourself not of God. You literally CANNOT be not perfect, not good enough, or not worthy enough.

(You can switch God up with Universe, or Higher Self, or Divine Creator, or whatever feels right for you. I like to switch from God, the Universe, and Higher Self, but in the end, they all mean the same thing, whether its Allah or Mother Earth or the flying spaghetti monster you put your faith in.)

The human mind doesn’t get that. It was designed to not get that. And so the mind prefers to rely on solid, hard, physical reality for information. So when the innermost parts of you show up and start exploring things that the mind can’t understand, such as dreams that seem impossible to achieve or goals that it thinks are best left to smarter, sexier, or more deserving human beings, the mind starts going haywire. And if you gain any sort of traction, no matter how little, the mind goes mad insisting that you’re not really who you’re being because there is no solid, hard, physical evidence to show for it.

But your entire self, literally your entire physical, mental, and spiritual essence, is rooted in God. The rabblerousing mind may rebel. It may try to hurt you because it thinks that’s the way to keep you from getting hurt some more. But the puny human mind has nothing on God. God is and always will be. And that means, while you’re on Earth enjoying your existence, you can be, do, and have anything you decide right now.

Because you’re already rich. You’re already perfectly healthy. You’re already amazingly confident. You’re already beautiful inside and out. How can you not be when you’re created by God? Next time your stubborn, little mind starts calling you more pretentious than a replica AAA Hermes bag, say, “Oh, wow! Thank you!” and do your thing anyway, assured in the truth that your mind can’t understand—that you are who you are.

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