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Why is it that every time we try to take a leap, there’s something that wants to hold us back. One minute, you think you’re ready. You’re gearing up for the big jump across the chasm and you know in your soul and cells that this is it. This is the leap that’s gonna change your life forever. There will be no going back after this. And then the next minute, you’re sitting there crouched on the ground, hyperventilating like an out of breath little deer that just narrowly escaped a hungry lion.

Why does life happen like that? Why does fear love to show up at just the wrong times? Just when you thought you’ve processed all your fears, they’d come clawing back at you, pulling you by the back of your shirt so you don’t have to take the leap. It feels like life is playing at you, forcing you to keep processing and figuring out where all this fear is coming from so you can let go and finally, finally, finally take that big leap.

Me? I’m sick and tired of trying to know where all this fears come from. They could very well have been from my childhood memories my conscious mind no longer remembers. Or they could have been from a previous life I currently have no awareness of. (In my dream last night, I was a princess warrior, protector of royal babies and young children.) It doesn’t matter anymore because as long as I allow the origin of my fears to matter, I will keep trying to dig into the past, into the deepest, darkest corners of my inner self to look for clues about where these fears could be lurking.

That’s a choice you can make as well. Or you can take the easy road by not giving a fuck anymore. You see, whether or not you know where these fears are coming from, we all will arrive at the same destination, no questions asked about that. We all will come home, whether we take the high road or the by-road. We all will come to know ourselves one way or another, in this lifetime or in the next 77. Whether or not we consciously figure out how we became such fearful, doubtful human beings, we all will get to where we want to go.

So why not bypass all of the pain and the suffering and go straight to where we want to go? You could do that, you know, if you wanted to. You could do anything you chose to do, if you only knew how much power you had it in you—in all of us. You could give your fears a name, a voice, a place in your banquet halls by choosing to try and figure them out. Or you could strip them of their power simply by not giving them any time of the day.

Did you know you could do that, too? Of course, you could! Inside our puny little minds, we think we’re small, insignificant creatures that are but an imperceptible dot in this vast universe. For as long as you subscribe to this mainstream bullshit idea of your smallness, you’ll always be quivering at the thought of facing your inner demons. But once you step out of that and start playing with the notion that you are bigger than you think you are and bigger than what society says you are, you’ll see just how much bigger, vaster, and more powerful than your fears you are.

For what are our fears and doubts but creations of the human mind? Somewhere along the way, we’ve picked up thoughts and ideas that we’re somehow not good enough, not pretty enough, not exciting enough, not clever enough, not deserving enough. And those fears and doubts sprang up from these ideas that we so readily gave life to, notwithstanding the fact that there is no single hard proof that all those ideas about being not enough is true.

We gave life to our fears simply by assuming they were true. And we assumed they were true based on evidence so flimsy it’d would fall away with a single blow. So what if it was the other way around? What if, instead of giving life to our fears, we give life to our dreams? What if, instead of assuming that we’re not good enough, we assume that we’re more than good enough and deserve everything we ever desired in this lifetime and in others? What if, we eliminate all the meaning we give to our fears, and choose to attach a different meaning to our thoughts instead?

What our fears are are ultimately just thoughts. They may be thoughts that make you feel awful, but they’re just thoughts. They’re just words or pictures or sensations running through your head, nothing more. They are just that. And thoughts come and go on their own without us even having to coax them away. They’re as fleeting as butterflies landing on a flower to take a sip of nectar. They come and they go. They don’t cause emotions. They don’t cause action or inaction. You do. You cause your thoughts and emotions and the succeeding bodily reactions. You cause your state and everything that flows from that state. And so you are the cause of your life and everything that happens in it. You are the only cause. You are the power that behind the hand that moves the pieces of the chessboard. You are the very Life Force from which all things flow.

And so, only you can choose to give life to that which you do and don’t want to. Only you can choose if you’re going to pay attention to your fears and throw wood into the fire by trying to figure them out. By the same token, only you can choose to play them down, to ignore them by playing up what you want instead. That’s the Law of Attraction at work for you, by you, and in you. It’s not some New Age hocus-pocus designed to fulfill the wishes of an entitled generation. It’s a deep, ancient magic that’s older than time itself. Your fears are nothing compared to that.

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